Mahangu Plan you next vacation together with friend and manage travel documents. Create a free travelblog and upload photos and videos. Sum up your travel hightlights in a film. Simplicity that impresses, absolute privacy control and no upload limits.

Travel Planning

Plan your next trip together with friends and manage all travel documents without a fuss using Mahangu Plan.

Travel Blog

Use the Mahangu Trip to upload photos and videos on the go and share your travel experiences with your friends.

Travel Memories

The Mahangu Moment sums up the highlights of your trip in a film and keeps your memories forever.

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Unforgettable Travel Memories

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Your Travel Pleasure in Three Phases

With the unique three-phase-concept, Mahangu offers you the right scope for every travel phase.

Travel planning using Mahangu is easy together with your friends on one common platform.

Share all your photos and videos easily with Mahangu Trip, the free travel blog, while you are on the go. And finally create your movie featuring the most beautiful travel experiences with just a few clicks.

More Than a Travelblog or Social Media

Mahangu redefines your travel experience and offers you lots of benefits beyond classic travelblogs or social media functions. Learn more about the benefits of Mahangu on our tour.


We respect your privacy. That's why we offer you the opportunity to share your uploaded content only with selected people instead of the whole world. However, if you decide to make your travelblog or travel memories public, it is possible too.