Mahangu Plan you next vacation together with friend and manage travel documents. Create a free travelblog and upload photos and videos. Sum up your travel hightlights in a film. Simplicity that impresses, absolute privacy control and no upload limits.

What is Mahangu and who stands behind it?

Mahangu is an online platform that allows you to easily plan your travel ideas with friends, share and comment on your most beautiful moments and capture your experiences in a film, this way the best moments remain unforgettable. It’s up to you, whether you want to share your trip with a small group or make it public.
The three-phase-concept of Mahangu is unique. It’s all focused on making your travel experience more beautiful and sustainable than ever. Offering you the highest convenience, flexibility and the most innovative functions is our mission.

Patrick Hartmann Patrick Hartmann

Patrick Hartmann

Technology / Finance

Since 2011 on board, co-founder and responsible for the technological enhancements and the controlling. Yes, even when you don’t earn a lot of money, somebody has to manage it. However, his heart is beating for software development and programming innovative products. His passion is the professional realization of new functions and ideas to make Mahangu even better. Running and fitness gives Patrick the balance for the top-heavy work. Even though the work is only about traveling, thinking could still be exhausting.

Marc Fritsche Marc Fritsche

Marc Fritsche


Since 2011 on board, co-founder and responsible for the technological enhancements. The technic crack, who never sleeps and always is a cheerfull nature. Seriously, we don’t know how he is doing that. Driven by technological stability and professional program codes, he indefatigably creates with Patrick all the cool technical features for the Mahangu community. Thanks to his beloved martial arts kung fu, which he trains weekly for, Marc also travels without misgivings even to dodgy travel destinations.

Sandro Kälin Sandro Kälin

Sandro Kälin


Since 2013 on board, partner and responsible for the marketing. The marketing guy with the goal, that Patricks tasks in managing the finances will increase some day. Always anxious to push the Mahangu community, so that more travel ideas and impressions will be shared. If it gets too technical for the ”engineering outsider” in the team, he finds his balance in sportive activities like running and fitness, to be prepared for the upcoming challenges with Mahangu.