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Trip New Jersey New Jersey   My visits to New Jersey. Walter C (US)

New Jersey


My visits to New Jersey.

  • 10Aug 2015

    1 Side Trip on Other Side of Delaware 08/10/2015 USA —

    Camden, USA


    I would arrive in downtown Philly, then take PATCO, which took me across the Delaware River, into New Jersey. I arrived into Camden, which I have heard, and could see for myself, how depressed some parts can really be. I have always heard how bad it was.

    Well, I rode the trolley, passing by Campbell Field, to Adventure Aquarium. Then went to pay admission. But before going inside the place, I was on the waterfront, and could see Philly from the other side, as well as the Ben Franklin Bridge, which connected Camden to Philly.

    Entering the aquarium, I followed the zones, which were organized by alphabetical order. This has to be the first time for me to visit aquarium since sometime in the last century. Well, one that was not a theme park, like Sea World or the Living Seas in Epcot. I decided to visit this one, as I had a free day, being off from work. More about this aquarium and more photos in the review here.

    I did come when there were a lot of kids, probably groups from camp, taking a field trip. As a result, very crowded and noisy. I can't imagine how it would be on the weekend, but I won't try to find out. I did have fun, watching the feeding of the hippos and African penguins, as well as "watching" Shark Theater and going through a shark tunnel. More about this aquarium and more photos in the review here.

    I spent about 4 hours in this place. After seeing everything, I left and just headed back to Philly. Then went back home.

    After visiting this one, I decided to add aquariums to my travels, wherever I go. And may start seeing more of New Jersey, whenever I get the chance. Though not in any hurry to make any return trips to Camden, though I still want to see Campbell Field, home of the Riversharks, a minor baseball team.


  • 24Oct 2016

    2 Setbacks of This Side Trip 10/24/2016 USA —

    Trenton, USA


    I decided to make a visit to Trenton, the capital of the state of New Jersey. I never really got to see the city itself, as I always passed through it, when taking the train to New York. But with my quest to see all the state capitol buildings, I decided to make this side trip to Trenton.

    Originally, I was going to visit a zoo and the Jersey Shore. But changed my mind, and stick to somewhere much closer, as I started later in the day. Leaving the Philly area, I arrived into Trenton, as the highways can be twisting and confusing. After exiting, I would park right at the William Trent House Museum. As you can probably tell by the name, who this city was named after. But I had no time to see it.

    I walked around the downtown area, passing by some police activity. It seems very deserted, as I was looking for the New Jersey State House. After going back and forth, I was able to find it. But I was too late, as this place can be seen only on a guided tour. And the last one had already passed, so no visit this time. So that was one setback.

    So I would walk back, passing by some ruins along the way. This was the site of the Front Street Paper Mill, which operated from 1827 to 1876. There were walls and some type of drain or waterway that went under the mill. As you can probably tell by the name, it manufactured paper, as Trenton was a major center for this type of industry.

    After seeing the ruins, I came to the Old Barracks Museum. I would pay for the guided tour, which was the only way to see this place. And I would be the only one on the tour. I was shown the different rooms along the way, though I probably won't remember which one is which.

    After the tour, I learned that there is a museum part, on the Battle of Trenton. But closing time was approaching, so no time to see it. So another setback. But one of the staffs gave me a voucher, allowing me to return at no extra charge to see the museum part. I will take them on their offer one of these days.

    After the tour, I started walking back to the car, passing by the Patriots Theater. And then drove back home.

    Well, I can't really say that this was a disappointing visit, as I did get a late start to visit this city. But it is not far by car, relatively speaking. So I should be able to return to this city in the near future.

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  • 30May 2017

    3 Second Try In Trenton 05/30/2017 USA —

    Trenton, USA


    With nothing to do, I decided to make another day trip to Trenton, in hopes to visit another state capitol building, and see a minor league baseball game. It was a very late start, plus really cold and rained a little at times. When stopping by a place to eat lunch, I realized that I forgotten my jacket. This was trouble, as I would outside during half of this time. Not sure how much I could endure. I could have bought another one, but decided not to.

    Arriving into Trenton, I parked at the same place as before, and walked to the New Jersey State House. I got there on time, and went inside. I had to go through security, then waited until the tour began.

    I was the only one on this guided tour, which was led by a guy. He showed me different parts of the New Jersey State House, and just like that, the tour was over. I did not have any questions to ask, which is part of the reason why the tour was short. Plus it would go through some extensive renovations, which would partially explain why some of its windows were boarded up.

    After the tour, I went across the street, to look around the World War II Memorial. This monument has 2 walls on each side, with one side having images from the European and African side of the war. And the other having the Asian Pacific side. There are 2 different timelines on the walls, with one of them being for the entire world. And the other being for New Jersey, as what was happening in the state during that time. And some sculptures there as well.

    Not surprisingly, there were very few visitors, as the weather was not really good. From the memorial, I went to the Old Barracks Museum, and would finish up seeing that place. I had a voucher, that allowed me to see the museum part, without having to pay admission again. So I would see the rest of it. And after seeing the museum part, plus a short film, I went back towards the car.

    I got back to the car, and napped for a little while, as there was a lot of time to kill. I was planning to go to a baseball game at Arm & Hammer Park, which is the home of the Trenton Thunder, an affiliate of the Yankees.

    When waking up, I planned to walk, but decided to drive there. But when arriving there, I decided not go to the game, as I don't think I could endure the cold weather during the entire game, without a jacket. So I left Trenton, stopping by a few places, then went back home.

    So I got to visit my 2nd state capitol building. I still have a long way to go on this quest, to visit every state capitol building. And do plan to return to Trenton, to watch a minor league baseball game.

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  • 07Sep 2017

    4 Returning For a Quick Visit 09/07/2017 USA —

    Trenton, USA


    After making a capitol re-visit with Pennsylvania, I decided to do the same with New Jersey, to get that stamp in my Capitol Collection book. So a return trip to Trenton, followed by a trip to Princeton. So it won't be the only reason for this trip.

    Leaving my home, I drove towards Trenton, making a few stops along the way. Then I crossed into New Jersey, and back in Trenton, for the 3rd time. This time, I would look for parking much closer to the New Jersey State House, which I did. And happen to park by a broken parking meter, the very old one. I could not tell at first that it was broken. But a woman told me, as she would tell me that she normally parked there, for "free".

    I could see that the renovation work of the New Jersey State House has started, with its main entrance closed off. So I would go to the State House Annex, which is a connecting building. Never knew about this, until sometime after my last visit. It took a little while to find the correct entrance, but I was able to find it. I went inside, and had to go through security a couple times.

    I got directed to the Welcome Center, which is a small, interactive museum on New Jersey. I got my stamp there, and looked around for a bit. It was very short. Then I left, and was able to exit by a back door, being accompanied by one of the guards.

    I was at the Plaza, overseeing the river on one side, and the fountain called "Confluence". Then went back to the car. I waited for a bit, thinking that I would hold the spot for the woman from before. But after a little while, I just left.

    Leaving Trenton, I would be heading to the town of Princeton.

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  • 07Sep 2017

    5 Visiting One of Oldest College Town 09/07/2017 USA —

    Princeton, USA


    Coming from Trenton, I arrived into the town of Princeton. As I passed through the campus of the same name, I arrived at the Princeton Cemetery. I was able to find some temporary free parking, in a residential neighborhood.

    One of the oldest cemeteries in the US, Princeton Cemetery is the final resting place of a bunch of people with a local connection, like Paul Tulane (a local who helped establish Tulane University in New Orleans). But I had in mind, to visit 2 of them. One of them being the burial site of Grover Cleveland, which does not really stand out at all. And no signs pointing the way.

    Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th President of the US, and the only one to serve 2 nonconsecutive terms (1885-1889, 1893-1897). Hence, this is why he gets counted twice. He is buried next to his wife Frances, and daughter Ruth (sometimes called "Baby Ruth"). Cleveland is the only one to get married while President. To represent his 2 Presidencies, I would pose on each side of his tomb. Not easy to do, as I was the only visitor there. And had to use another grave stone, to place the camera on a timer. Plus the sun did make it more difficult.

    Next, I went to see the grave site of Aaron Burr, which was more harder to find. But with help of the background in photos on the internet, I was able to find it. Burr was Vice-President under Thomas Jefferson, and more known for killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

    Afterwards, I left the cemetery, and back to the car. Then drove around, hoping to find a closer parking spot. But I ended up parking on the same street again, across from the cemetery. Then walked to the campus of Princeton University.

    Princeton University is one of the oldest colleges in the US, and an Ivy League school. Walking around the campus, the architecture of the buildings looked really nice. While I did not really plan on it, I am glad to take a brief stroll around the campus. And made a stop at the University Chapel, which is a Gothic church. Really nice to look at. Then walked around some more, before coming to the Princeton University Art Museum. More about visiting this place in the review here.

    I entered the museum, as I am a huge sucker for this type of museum, anywhere in the world. I started on the bottom floor, which has ancient art from all over the world. Then the other floors, which has different types of art from different time periods. As I was going through this place, it does remind me of my past travels to Europe, with the different art that I was seeing.

    One of the sections was a temporary exhibitions called "Transient Effects", which was art on the different things in space. One of them was about past solar eclipses in the US, which I don't doubt, would be put in place to tie in with the recent solar eclipse that happened across the US, this past August. As there were no photographs back then, instead there were paintings of it. Plus paintings of surfaces on other planets as well.

    I was on a time limit, as I had only 2 hours of free parking, before I had to move. So I went to see as much as I can, before having to leave. Then walked back to the car, and had to drive away.

    I would make one more stop, which was Westland Mansion. This was the home of Grover Cleveland. He lived there after his 2nd term as President, and died there. Now, it is a private residence, so I could not go in. And probably why it was not easy to find, as there was no historical marker. So I could only see it from the sidewalk.

    After seeing it, I would leave Princeton, and start heading back home. I had to deal with traffic, but was able to get home before it got too late.

    This was a nice day trip, on a nice day. I got to see a little bit more of New Jersey, and got to visit another resting spot of a US President. I set out to do what I wanted to do on this day trip. I would be traveling somewhere a few days after this, visiting Boston. But that will be in a different blog.

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  • 28Jun 2019

    6 Museum With Family 06/28/2019 USA —

    Jersey City, USA


    A day trip with family members, as my mom and me would spend part of the day with my niece. We drove up to my sister's place, and first went to a Greek restaurant nearby for lunch. Then took my sister home, as the rest of us would drive to Jersey City, to visit the Liberty Science Center.

    Located in the city of Jersey City in the northern part of New Jersey, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. The part of the state that I have not visited much, other than driving through it, and few other visits to meet with family.

    As we would entered into the parking lot, at the Liberty Science Center, we went inside. And decided to watch one planetarium show, in addition to other exhibitions.

    Some of the parts, where my niece, Gabriella, would play in some of the playground areas. One of them was to the theme of "Lion Guard", a Disney Channel show. And another one, where it was a walkthrough, called Infinity Climber. This was suspended in the air, attached to the side. I did try to go through it myself, but the space was too tight, so I did not bother.

    The planetarium show was mainly about the Night Sky, which showed what could be seen at this moment. And got to see a little bee hive, with actual live bees. My niece was fascinated by that.

    The most notable was the "Eat and Be Eaten", which was a little zoo, with small animals. Interesting to see, as I did not expect this at all. And saw a few other exhibits before leaving the museum.

    We would leave Jersey City, and drive Gabriella back home. Then we went back home, and would drive through a rainstorm as we approached home.

    It was a good day trip, and unusual that we did it on a regular weekday.

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