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Trip Denmark Denmark   Walter C (US)



  • 22Apr 2015

    1 Tivoli Arrival 04/22/2015 Denmark —

    København V, Copenhagen, Denmark


    Arriving into Denmark, as my flight landed in Copenhagen. Getting off the plane, I went through passport control, which was very quick. The opposite of what happened earlier in London-Heathrow.

    I went to buy a Copenhagen Card that lasted 72 hours (3 days). Then withdrew some Danish krone, before going to the S-Train. I hopped on that, and basically activated my Copenhagen Card, as I headed into town. I got off at Norresport, as I was told this was where Central Station was. But that turned out to be incorrect. So I had to switch to the Metro there, and got to Central Station. From there, I walked to the hostel, Urban House.

    Checking in was not necessary, in the traditional sense, as I was already given a code when paying for it online. I went to the room, and got settled there. I did have a friendly chat with a British girl, who has been in Copenhagen for some time. Oddly enough, I just came from the UK.

    When trying to recharge my devices, I saw that I brought the wrong adapter. The prongs were too thick to stay into the outlet most of the times. Sometimes, it would stay in there, but I would end up forcing it in there. I was annoyed, as I did not want to buy another adapter. And feeling really stupid, as I thought that I knew, just by appearance.

    As if that was not enough, I made 2 different reservations at this place, once again. And when trying to change the 2nd one, so I can stay in the same room, I could not, as it was completely booked. Not sure why I did this. Probably because I worried that I might be staying in a bad place.

    In any event, I decided to head out, and check out Tivoli Gardens. I entered the place, which is an amusement park that dates back to 1843.

    I just walked around, looking at the buildings, and admiring the architecture. Also, a nice place to people-watch, as it does seem to be mostly locals. I thought about going on some rides, but decided not to. Instead, I just bought some food there, like a hot dog, which gets inserted in a bun through a hole, along with some fries. And got some ice cream, even if it was cold outside. And it really was, even if I was layered up.

    I spent a few hours at the place, seeing the place light up at night, as if decorated with Christmas lights. It looked nice. It's not Disney, but still, a nice place to kill some time.

    I went back to the hostel, and just used the WiFi on my smartphone, as I hung out in the bar area. I started to feel a sore throat coming on. Went to the room, to go to sleep.


  • 23Apr 2015

    2 Changing Rooms and Museums 04/23/2015 Denmark —

    København V, Copenhagen, Denmark


    I would wake up, and still have this sore throat. I would rest as much as I can, before having to pack up and head downstairs to check out, then check back in. I went to get some food at a nearby 7-Eleven, for my breakfast. Yes, it is hard to believe that there are 7-Elevens in Europe. Then back to the hostel, to eat there.

    Afterwards, I would have to put my backpack in a locker, which costs money. I figure, I would be back in 6 hours, so paid for that, as check-in time was still hours away. Don't remember how much, but pretty pricey. The headed out, passing by Tivoli Gardens, and seeing some nice architecture, as I was heading to the National Museum of Denmark.

    After going around a block, I was able to find the entrance to the museum. I thought it would be a good way to start my sightseeing in Denmark. Arriving there, it was a bit crowded, as there were some school groups there. I would tour the entire prehistory section, and a little bit of the Middle Ages one, before realizing that this was "wasting" some valuable time, since I had the pricey Copenhagen Card that has already been activated, and admission to this place was free. After spending about 2 hours, I left the place.

    But instead of going to another museum, I decided to visit an internet cafe, which was out of the way. Why? Because I wanted to do some things on a regular computer, and send a bunch of messages that way, as doing it on a phone was a bit of a pain for me. So I took a bus to another part of town, then had to walk to the place. Not easy to find, as there did not seem to be any signs to indicate it. And not looking attractive. But that should not matter, as long as I get to do what I originally set to do.

    I would pay and spend 1 hour on the computer, and used that time to re-charge my devices. I was able to do most of what I wanted to do, before my time expired. Then headed out, walking all the way to the Norresport station area. It was quite a distance, and I was undecided for lunch, until I saw a McDonald's. I just went in there, since I got tired of looking.

    When trying to pay by credit card, I have been asked for my PIN. I did not have one, and there was no way to override the PIN to accept the transaction, which was frustrating. So I had to pay cash. I ate lunch, then thought about the canal cruise. But not enough time, as I needed to get back to the hostel before my locker time expired. So instead, I went to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.

    I would spend about an hour, touring the Egyptian gallery. Being such an addict for Egyptian artifacts, I just had to visit this place. And I had the place all to myself. There was one part when I went downstairs to a room of Egyptian coffins. Kind of scary, being in such a room, all alone. But an interesting experience as well.

    I left the museum shortly after, heading back to the hostel. When getting there, and trying to get my backpack, I find out that I was late by 1 hour. So not only bad timing on my part, but also bad math as well. I had to pay more, to get my backpack. Then wait again, to check back in.

    I would get a room with 4 beds, and so far, I was the only one in there. I got settled, and when looking at my bill, I realized that there was a problem with it. I ended up paying more than the amount charged on Hostelbookers. So I went to the front desk, and tried to fix the problem. But much to my surprise, I had to do it online. Wow, that has to be a first. I always thought doing it in person, was the best option. Apparently not, in this case.

    I went back to the room, and took a nap for some time. I was tired from all the walking around, and dealing with the mess. But I should have not gotten myself in this mess in the first place, and just made the entire booking all the way at once, instead of trying to make things as I go along, as I did consider spending the night somewhere else, outside of Copenhagen.

    I slept longer than planned, and hurried out, to the Ny Carlsberg. I re-entered the museum, and toured the place until it closed at 10pm. Seeing the ancient collection, then went to see the Danish art. Once again, I had the place all to myself, as it seemed like I was the only visitor there. I did get to have a friendly conservation with one of the museum guards there, talking about how cold it was at night.

    I would continue to look around, until it was closing time. Then had to leave. I was hungry, so I stopped by a Wagamama, but the kitchen was closed. I was surprised to see one in Denmark, as I thought it was a UK thing. I exited the other side, into Tivoli Gardens. I went through the park, and exited out, to Central Station.

    I went to a food stand, and got a kabob with noodles. Then went to the hostel, where I ate it. It was good, though very greasy. I went back to the room, and much to my surprise, no one else has checked in. So the room was all mine for 1 night. I would use the internet on my phone for a while, as I try not to lie down right after eating. Not good for my health. Then went to sleep late, as my sleeping pattern is a bit off.

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  • 24Apr 2015

    3 Side Trip to Frederiksborg Castle 04/24/2015 Denmark —

    Hillerød, Denmark


    Getting up later than usual, I went to a 7-Eleven to get some breakfast. But once again, my credit card was not accepted, due to not having a PIN. I was beyond annoyed at that point, and paid cash. I demanded to get a receipt, in case he tried to cheat me. That equally annoyed the cashier. I went back to the hostel, to eat there. Not a good start so far.

    After eating and resting a little more, I decided to take the day trip to Frederiksborg Castle. I went to Central Station, and took the train to the town of Hillerod. Once there, I took the bus, taking me closer to the castle.

    Hillerod does look like a small town. I crossed the bridge, and entered the castle grounds. Then walked to the courtyard area, where the Neptune fountain was. No water was running through. I looked at the architecture of the castle.

    Frederiksborg Castle was built during the reign of Christian IV, and completed in 1620. Who was Christian IV? The short answer, he was the king of Denmark in the early 1600's, leading the nation to prosperity and build some great castles. But also led the country to some costly wars as well, that led to its decline.

    I went inside, and toured around the castle. Starting from the Knight's Room or the Rose, there was so much to see in this place. Then went upstairs to see the Royal Chapel, which was huge. There were nice paintings on the wall, along with a bunch of coat of arms. This was where the coronation of kings took place. I walked around the Royal Chapel, before going into the different rooms of the castle.

    I went through the various rooms, seeing period furniture and a lot of paintings along the way, each group of floors representing a different time period, starting from 1500 to 1650 group of rooms. I would see the Great Hall, which looked like a ballroom. And the rest of the rooms, taking me all the way to the 21st century.

    After walking around for about 3 hours, I went out, and to the Neptune fountain. This time, the water was running. Then exited the castle grounds, and decided to stop by a pizza place, to get some lunch.

    I would try again, to use my credit card, and told the guy there, if it did not accept without the PIN, then I could not buy at all, as I tried to save cash. But luckily, it did this time. I took the personal pizza to go. Then went to the bus stop, where a bus took me back to the train station.

    I thought about going to some place outside of Copenhagen, like Kronborg Castle, Louisiana Museum, or the Karen Blixen Museum. And even hopped on a train to one of them. But ultimately decided not to go to any of them, since I was short on time, and did not want to rush. And I wanted to be back in Copenhagen with enough time, since I will be meeting up with TBers later on. So I got off the train right away, and just ate my lunch.

    Once I finished the pizza, I hopped on the train, and went back into Copenhagen.

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  • 24Apr 2015

    4 Canal Tour and Meeting With TBers 04/24/2015 Denmark —

    København V, Copenhagen, Denmark


    Arriving back into Copenhagen with enough time, I decided to do the canal cruise on a boat. So I headed to the Gammel Strand area, where the boat tours depart. But got sidetracked, when seeing a huge church building.

    I walked around the church, and saw the entrance. As it turned out, it was no longer a church, but now, a contemporary art gallery. The official name is Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center. The museum is actually a photo gallery, with a group of photos on display. I assume it is a rotating exhibit, meaning it changes from time to time.

    It was a short visit, as I arrived about 30 minutes before closing. And that it is a small gallery. Overall, I did not find this to be a disappointment. Then again, I did not have high expectations to begin with. I thought the photos that were currently on display, were interesting to look at, capturing a moment at a time and place. Afterwards, I walked around the church itself, and even seeing a sign that says "I'm not a Church", which I thought, was kind of funny.

    After that, I went to get admission with Canal Tours Copenhagen. Then just walked around the area, as I basically waited until time to depart. When it came, I hopped on a boat, and took off on the canal cruise.

    During the cruise, I would see some nice looking buildings along the way, as went down one waterway. Then went down another one, taking us to the Nyhavn area. The commentaries are interesting and informative, and the canal tour is a nice and different way to see the city. And relaxing as well, since you will be sitting the entire time. And a good way to get from one part of the city to another.

    Nyhavn is a street along the canal, with all those colorful buildings. Walked around, as I had only around 30 minutes to tour the area. The colors of the buildings just seems like those from the rainbow. This area is full of restaurants and bars, with some bands playing along the waterfront.

    When returning to the boat, it left the Nyhavn, and continued touring around the water. Seeing The Little Mermaid, not a good view, as I could only see the back of it. Seeing more buildings and going under bridges, we arrived back at Gammel Strand. Then I just walked to find the Cafe Europa, which turned out, to be really close. That made things so much easier, and suddenly, I had more than enough time to kill.

    Looked down the pedestrian street, until I saw the Disney store. I went inside it, and browsed for a bit. I guess you could say, my Disney side came out. Time to let it go though!

    Back to the Cafe Europa, which would be the meeting spot of the TBers, Yunni (gingerbatik) and Mickey (tj1777). Then we walked to, and around Christiansborg Palace (or Castle), as Mickey was being my tour guide, sharing the history of the place. After walking around the palace grounds, and seeing the same buildings from the canal tour from a different angle, we went to see the Round Tower and Copenhagen University. Then went inside the Cathedral of Our Lady, where there seemed to be some weird sleepover light show happening. I could not take photos since it was not allowed at the time.

    Back out, we walked, past the courthouse, towards the original meeting point. Then we went inside a cafe, where we sat and just hung out for some time. Forgot the name of the cafe! But it was a very enjoyable time, and they were nice enough to pay for my croissant. Afterwards, we parted ways, as I headed back to the hostel. Not the last time I will see them, that's for sure, as there would be a meetup with more TBers. :)

    Back at the hostel, I would have 1 roommate. So much for having the room for myself during my stay. And did manage to charge my devices, even if the adapter pongs were too big, as I did push it in. I did not want to buy another one. Then to sleep.

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  • 25Apr 2015

    5 Seeing the Hamlet Castle 04/25/2015 Denmark —

    Helsingør, Denmark


    Getting up later than planned, as usual. I would eat quick breakfast, and decided to take another day trip. Being that this was the last day for the Copenhagen Card, I decided to visit Kronborg Castle.

    I went to Central Station, and picked up a fruit salad as my lunch, as I planned to eat it on the train. Then rode the train to the town of Helsingor. During the ride, I was asked for a ticket, which was a first. I almost believed that I could have ridden around without paying at all, during the entire trip. Definitely not the case here!

    Arrived at Helsingor, and the architecture of the station caught my attention. Looked like something from centuries ago. I would walk along the harbor, passing by cultural center and some silver sculpture. No idea what that is about. Then entered the grounds of Kronborg Castle.

    First built in 1425 as Krogen, then rebuilt and completed in 1585 by Frederik II. That was when it became Kronborg Castle. It got damaged by a fire in 1629, and rebuilt again by Christian IV, the son of Frederik II. Also known as Hamlet's Castle, as there are usually performances of Hamlet in there.

    I walked around the castle, then went to the courtyard. Then entered, going through the Royal Apartments. This had rooms like the King's Chamber and Queen's Chamber. Each room had period furniture and paintings on the wall and ceiling. But not nearly as much as Frederiksborg Castle. I went through the Great Hall, a room full of tapestries, and a few other rooms. After all that, I would go out, through the courtyard, to the Chapel.

    The Chapel was small, so it was only a very short visit. It looked okay. Then went to the Casements, which has its entrance next to the Royal Apartments. Not sure I was expecting, but I think seeing a vending machine for flashlights, should have given me a clue of what to expect.

    I went further, going down a path, seeing the statue of Holger the Dane. Holger is a character from Viking legends. I walked around the upper level of the Casements, which was originally the servants' quarters. Then went downstairs to the lower level.

    The lower level was a bit of an adventure, as it was dark and dimly lit. And it can be a maze, and I am sure, some tripping hazards along the way. This was originally the solders' quarters, where soldiers stayed and waited for any possible attack on the castle. They could stay there for days and weeks, which is dark and cramped. I could not imagine that at all, being so isolated like that, for a long time.

    Coming back out, I went through it again, and even made a video of it. Not sure if I should upload it, since I talk non-stop through the whole thing. Back out again, to the Flag's Bastion, where I could sea the see. :P

    I walked around the castle, passing by the garrison buildings. Then I would leave the castle grounds. I headed to the train station, deciding to visit another place outside of Copenhagen. I was undecided first, but then decided on the Karen Blixen Museum. I got on the train and left Helsingor.

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  • 25Apr 2015

    6 Out of Africa? Not Exactly! 04/25/2015 Denmark —

    Rungsted Kyst, Denmark


    Leaving Helsingor, I took a semi-express train, which would pass the one that I had to get to. Then had to go on the opposite train, taking me to the town of Rungsted. Once there, I followed the sign to the museum. Or thought I did.

    I would walk into a residential neighborhood, and started to wonder why I have not come to the place, or even see any signs to the museum. After a while, I asked a jogger, and that was when I found out that I went the wrong way. So back to the train station, and had to ask someone again. When going the right way, I would see a sign that would have pointed the way. How did I miss that? It did seem a bit obstructed, and being across the street from the train station, which would have been diagonal from my direction.

    So I went the right way, and followed the sign, leading me into the forest. I would come upon the place from behind, and quickly entered, as I had only 15 minutes to see the place. No one was at the admission desk in the gift shop, so I went straight to the exhibition.

    I looked at some of the displays, and read a little bit of the descriptions on Karen Blixen. Then decided to photograph as much of the descriptions as possible, so I can read about that later on.

    So who is Karen Blixen? She was a Danish writer, who has spent some time in Africa, and written about her experiences there, in her most well-known book, "Out of Africa". I've only heard of that title as a name of an 80's movie, which I have not seen. What did I think of this museum? Enough to want to learn a little more about her, so the presentation was interesting enough. But I would say that the Karen Blixen Museum is only a must-visit for those who are fans of Blixen. For everyone else who never heard of her or any of her books, I would say, definitely skip it, as it is a small museum and out-of-the way.

    When closing time came, I had to show my Copenhagen Card before leaving. Then looked around the area, seeing the harbor across the street. And the park and bird sanctuary behind the museum. It was on the way back to the train station, and the way I came to the museum, so I walked through it.

    Reaching the end, I went to the train station, and took the next one back to Copenhagen.

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  • 25Apr 2015

    7 TB Meetup 04/25/2015 Denmark —

    København V, Copenhagen, Denmark


    Arriving back to Copenhagen, I went back to the hostel. I washed up and rested for a bit. After that, I got ready, and headed out.

    I walked through City Hall Square, and did take a moment to look at the City Hall building. But I did not stay long, as I did not want to be late. I arrived at the Riz Raz Vegetarian Buffet, which is an all-you-can-eat buffet of vegetarian pasta food. I am not much of a health nut, and hope this would be my money's worth. It was the place that I chose for the meet-up, since it seemed to be not expensive, relatively speaking. So if I ended up not liking it, then it's really all on me!

    Well, it was okay, as I got to eat falafel for the first time. The options were limited, but I guess that shows how spoiled I am, from eating in American buffets. And being meat-deprived certainly did not help. :D

    But the food was secondary, because of the meetup, which was organized for me. When I arrived there, Yunni and Mickey were already there. We went inside the restaurant, and shortly after, Christian and Ming had arrived. We all got together, and just had a great time, swapping travel stories and getting to know each other better (well, not exactly, since we all knew each other for some time on TB :) ).

    After some time, it was time to go. We all parted ways, and I headed back to the hostel. I would pack up a little, and just watched some videos on my smartphone. Then to sleep, as I had one more full day left on this trip.


    The TBers at this meetup, in alphabetical order by first name, along with their TB screen names... Christian (Chokk), Mickey (tj1777), Ming, Walter (WalterC), Yunni (gingerbatik)

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  • 26Apr 2015

    8 Last and Not So Good Full Day 04/26/2015 Denmark —

    København V, Copenhagen, Denmark


    I did not sleep well, as I started to feel sick. Not good that this is happening on the last day. But it could be worse, like happening at the start of the trip, as it has happened to me in the past. I went out, to a pharmacy, to get some medicine. And once again, had trouble with the PIN to prevent paying by credit card. Plus I did not have enough cash at the time. The lady there, allowed me to let it go.

    I returned to the hostel, had to pack up my things, and leave the place. No need to go through the check out process, as the expiration time of the excess time, serves as the check out time. I would head to the next hostel, on the other side of Central Station, to the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel.

    I could only leave my backpack in the locker room there. Then went out. I withdrew more krone, and would return to the pharmacy to pay part of the difference that I was short of, for the medicine. Then went to the Burger King, for lunch. Surprisingly, I was able to pay by credit card, always thinking it should work in an American company, without having to punch in a PIN. After lunch, I went to City Hall Square. It had started to rain.

    Looked around the area, seeing the City Hall buildings, and the statue of Hans Christian Andersen, the author of The Little Mermaid and Snow Queen. Then walked down a pedestrian street, passing by the Sankt Peders Church, and came to the Cathedral of Our Lady.

    This was the same church from the other night, that I went to, with TBers. I went inside, and this time, took photos. Then back out, looking around that area. It continued to rain, and I went to the National Museum of Denmark. I hoped to finish up seeing this place.

    I would pick up where I went left off, in the Middle Ages section. A lot to see, as I looked around for a few hours. Then decided to head out, planning to go to the top of the spire, at the Church of Our Saviour. But when stepping outside, I could see it still raining and a bit windy. I have read that the spire of the church, closes when the weather is horrible. So I decided to forget it, since I am sure it would be closed, and would be a waste of time to go there, only to find out that way for sure. Instead, I went back into the museum, and stayed there until closing.

    I resumed seeing the Middle Ages section, then went to the 2nd floor, to see the section, Stories of Denmark 1660-2000. I tried to see as much as I can, as this part is really extensive as well. Unfortunately, I would run out of time, as I was only able to reach until the World Wars part. There was 15 minutes until closing, but everyone was being told to leave. I guess museum staff want to go home so badly.

    I left the museum, and went back to the hostel. I checked in and paid, then went to the room. I was still feeling sick, and decided to take a nap. I would be awakened by noisy British girls, who were watching videos on their phone and laughing loud. Annoying, but at the same time, time for me to get back out, and see the statue of the Little Mermaid.

    It was approaching sunset, and stopped raining. I would just walk around town, seeing the Grey Friars' Square, with its colorful buildings. Then to the Kongens Nytorv, which was closed off, as it seems to go through some renovations. Next thing I know, I was at Nyhavn, from the canal tour the other day.

    I continued on, going through Amalienborg Square, which was where Amalienborg Palace was. Then came to a park, which had some sculptures. First thing to see, was the Gefion Fountain, which had Gefion, a Norse goddess. I walked on, seemingly taking forever to get there, until I finally found the Little Mermaid.

    I just had to see it on the ground, as I did not get a good view of it from the canal tour. Not crowded at all, but it did get dark. I looked at it for a bit, and feeling like, mission accomplished. Now, I can head back.

    But of course, getting back in the dark, would not be so easy. When in the area as Nyhavn and the Royal Danish Theatre, I attempted to take a short cut back. But of course, that would not work out, and take up more time and energy, finding my way around, and eventually back, after figuring it all out with my map.

    When getting back to the hostel, I went to the bar, hoping to get some food. But the kitchen just closed. Someone nearby, suggested a place nearby. I went outside to look for it, but decided to forget it after a few minutes, knowing that it would be very pointless. So I went back to the room.

    I started to organize my things, and pack up a little. I was feeling sick, it rained most of the day, and hungry, all on the last day. I decided to go to bed early, as I have an early morning flight. That would end what turned out to be not so good day.

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  • 27Apr 2015

    9 Leaving Denmark 04/27/2015 Denmark —

    København V, Copenhagen, Denmark


    I ended up getting up an early hour than planned. But no point to go back to sleep, as I did have an early morning flight, which I did not want to miss.

    Getting ready and packing up, I checked out of the hostel. Then went to Central Station, where I tried to buy a ticket to the airport. As I did not have enough krone left, I tried to pay by credit card. Once again, no luck, because of the PIN. So I did try to get on the train, and hope no one would check. Well, I got off the regular train, and hopped on the Metro. I took it for one stop, to Norresport. No one checked for ticket.

    Getting out, I would try again at one of the machines. This time, I decided to enter a PIN, just for the heck of it. It was a PIN that I used before. And much to my surprised, it WORKED! Now, why didn't I think of this before? It would have saved me a lot of trouble. I guess better late than never. Really late!

    I got on the train to the airport, and there was no ticket check! At least, my mind was at ease during the ride. I arrived at the airport, and had my boarding passes printed from a machine. With some leftover krone, I used most of it, to buy 2 candy bars, as my breakfast. Then headed off to the gate.

    When looking for my boarding passes, I found that one of them was missing. So I backtracked all the way, towards the train stop, looking for it, as I thought that I dropped it. But no luck, so I had to go to the counter, to get them reprinted. After that, I went through security, and to the gate with enough time.

    Along the way, I was able to use the rest of my krone, by buying a drink using both cash and credit card. And wouldn't you know, I did not have to punch in a PIN. I went to the gate, and waited until boarding time. Once that time came, I got on the plane.

    The Finnair flight took off on time, leaving Denmark, and heading to Helsinki, Finland. Then waited until my flight to New York. And from there, I took the bus back to Philly. And went back home, ending this trip to Europe.

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