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Trip Illinois Illinois   All of my trips to Illinois since 2011. Walter C (US)



All of my trips to Illinois since 2011.

  • 11Jun 2011

    1 At the Wedding 11.06.2011 USA —

    Chicago, USA


    The first domestic trip for me in 2 years. But the first part of the trip was to go to my sister's wedding, as this trip would be different from the others. Here is a brief summary of my time at the wedding:

    The first day was spent with the wedding rehearsal and dinner. And renting the tuxedo, which I had to try on. I do not dressing up, so this was not exactly a fun experience.

    When it came to the rehearsal, I learned that I had to dress up a little bit, but the tux would have been too much. So one of my sister's friends bought some nice clothes for me to wear. And they ended up fitting me very well. Then went to the hotel, where the rehearsal took place. We practiced what we had to do, then went to dinner, with family members and guests. It was a good time, as I got to meet people from my sister's life, and future brother-in-law. I spent the night at my sister's place.

    The next day, the day of the wedding, I took it easy for the most part, not wanting to feel tired later on. So I just chilled until the time came. Then went to the hotel, where most of the family members were staying and just waited there until the wedding began.

    I got to see my sister get married, as I got to walk her down the aisle. And there was dinner and a party afterwards, as I got to see relatives who I have not seen in a long time. Overall, it was a fun time, and unbelievable moment. Even did some dancing, and talked with other guests.

    The big day has come and gone, as it was a huge moment in our family.

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  • 12Jun 2011

    2 Millennium Park and LeBron Loser 12.06.2011 USA —

    Chicago, USA


    After starting off the day with a breakfast buffet with the family, I had to drive them back to the airport, using my sister's car. Then I just relaxed at her place for a little while.

    After some time, I went out, hoping to visit the travel store on Michigan Ave, that I can remember visiting back in 2001. And I thought I remembered where it was, so I did not bother looking up directions. But when I got there, I had trouble finding it. After spending some time looking, I just gave up.

    I did ride on the train around the Loop, which was downtown Chicago. Then got off, and went to Millennium Park. I looked at some structures along the way. I entered by the Millennium Monument in Wrigley Square, which was a structure of columns. Then up the stairs to the Jay Pritzer Pavilion, which was an outdoor concert hall. It had no cover, and where people can sit in the seats or on the grass. And a concert was happening at the moment.

    I walked around the place, as I heard the music played. Then got a message, that my sister was having a get-together, so I would meet up with her and her husband, and their friends.

    Along the way, I stopped by Cloud Gate, and just looked at it briefly. This silver structure looked like a giant bean. I took a picture of myself taking a picture, as it acted like a distorted mirror. Then I left the park.

    I walked to the restaurant, not remembering the name, and getting confused along the way. I was looking for Hubbard Street, which intersected with Michigan Ave, according to the map. But I could not find it, and would later find out that it actually under Michigan Ave. And I ended up going around a block until I found it, then I was able to find the restaurant.

    I met up with my sister and her new husband, and their friends and family. And we all had dinner, and watched Game 6 of the NBA Finals, between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat. Needless to say, everyone was rooting for the Mavs. And we all came away happy with the outcome, as the Mavs came out as the NBA champions. Nice to see Dirk Nowitzki get a championship ring, after deciding this past offseason, to stay with the Mavericks rather than do what LeBron James did, which was bolt to another team for a ring.

    Afterwards, we all headed back to my sister's place, and just chilled there, until bed time.

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  • 13Jun 2011

    3 Looping Around 13.06.2011 USA —

    Chicago, USA


    The day started off, seeing my sister and her new husband, taking off for their honeymoon to Paris. I would crash at her place for the time being, and take care of a few things.

    After some time, I went to downtown. I got a meal along the way, then headed to the Chicago Cultural Center. I can remember visiting this place in my first visit to the city back in 2001. It had different exhibits back then. Also inside, is the visitor center, where I can pick up some info and maps, which is what I did.

    I looked around the exhibits briefly, which was local artwork, made of various things. Then just went to the library, where I like to hang out, and read or just think. Then I went out, to follow a walking tour of the Loop.

    The Loop is what downtown Chicago is called. The name originally derived from the area being enclosed by the El Train, looping around the area. But downtown has expanded beyond the area, and continues to grow, so now, the name is synonymous with downtown, and often used interchangeably.

    I started by walking up Michigan Ave, to the Chicago River. Then walked on the Riverwalk, looking at the various buildings, which looked interesting and reading about their history in the booklet that I had. Going under bridges, passing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Merchandise Mart, then walked into the heart of the Loop, where I continued to walk around, up until the Chicago Board of Trade.

    I can remember visiting inside this place and seeing the actual trade floor, back in August 2001. But now, I could not find it, and even if I did, it was unlikely that I would be allowed since it has been usually closed since 9/11. There was a little exhibition on the history and how business was done, but I only skimmed through it for a few minutes. I went back out, and relaxed in a McDonald's, enjoying a sundae. Then went to the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower).

    I entered the building, and after paying admission, there was a short film on the building. Then the ride to the top. Once there, I walked around, looking at different parts of the city and Lake Michigan. On the west side, there were glass balconies, which was nerve-wrecking. I was hesitant to walk on it, but made myself do it. The tough part was getting a photo taken, as there was one kid who acted like he had it all to himself.

    I went back down, and headed to Wrigley Field. Once there, I had to walk to the ticket office, to pick up my ticket. Then I looked around for a bit on the outside, like the Ernie Banks statue and the famous sign in front of the stadium. After that, I entered the Friendly Confines.

    I walked around the concourse, then had to go up the ramps, to the top level, where my seat was. First, I wanted to make sure that it was in the shade. Then went back down, to the ticket office, to buy for next day's game. There were still some left, and I got one from the same section.

    I went back up, and sat in the seat. Looked around for a bit, as I was inside the 2nd oldest stadium in baseball, opening in 1914. I did get to tour the place back in 2008, but this was the first time I was here for a game. To me, visiting a stadium only really counts for a game. I did the see the manual scoreboard, and the ivy-covered walls in the outfield.

    It was chilly, as the Chicago Cubs faced the Milwaukee Brewers. There were some Brewers fans at the game. The game itself, turned out to be a pitchers' duel, between Ryan Dempster and Randy Wolf. It was scoreless until the 8th inning, when the Cubs scored on a fielder's choice, just beating the catcher's tag at the plate. And was the only run scored, and the only one needed, as the Cubs beat the Brewers, 1-0.

    Afterwards, I walked around the ballpark to look around some more. Then exited the ballpark. I tried to look for a place called Lucky's to grab something to eat. But I was not sure where it was, and decided to visit it another day. So I rode back on the El train, eavesdropping on a conversation along the way.

    I got back to my sister's place, where I would be house sitting. And got a message from my aunt, who I did not want to see, knowing fully well that she will annoy me about being single, especially now, that my younger sister has gotten married. I fell asleep after a while.

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  • 14Jun 2011

    4 Lucky's Near Wrigley 14.06.2011 USA —

    Chicago, USA


    My day started off late, as I took my time getting out. Basically spending the morning, slacking off, and surfing the net on the laptop, which belonged to my new brother-in-law, looking at various websites. One of them was TravBuddy, and seeing Andrew's (jamesdean252) review of Lucky's being featured this day, was a reminder to go there. So I looked up the directions, then went out, and headed to Wrigley Field.

    Once at the ballpark, I stopped by a 7-Eleven, to get a Big Gulp, which should save me some money from buying a drink at the restaurant. Then walked down a street, until I found Lucky's. This was a place that was featured on the TV show, Man v. Food. I went in, and looked around for a bit. I did see the Wall of Fame, which includes host, Adam Richmond. I did have a very nice meal, having an overstuffed turkey sandwich. And I have to say, if Andrew's review was not featured, I would have totally forgotten about it.

    After the meal, I went to a sports gift shop, just browsing at the merchandise, which includes all the local teams, except for the White Sox. No surprise there. With the area being quiet, I decided to walk around the stadium.

    Along the way, I would pass by the rooftop bleachers, and a number system below one of them. And saw the Harry caray statue, plus various names of players on the ground, who have played for the Cubs over the years, like Ryan Sandberg and Mark Grace. Then came upon the Billy Williams statue.

    After walking around the ballpark, I went back to take care of some things. Then back to Millennium Park, to see more of it. I went to see the fountain monoliths, which were tall structures that poured water, and had video screens that showed faces of people, showing facial expressions. Then it showed them "spitting" water out of their mouths, which was a neat effect. Being that it was a warm day, a bunch of kids played around.

    I went to see the Cloud Gate, and went under it. Then to the BP Bridge, which was some weird looking silver bridge. I crossed halfway, then came back, as the baseball game time was approaching. I passed by some structures, as I left Millennium Park. Hopped on the El, and to Wrigley Field.

    Once there, I did get to see a band play, before entering the ballpark. Once in there, I walked around, seeing the flags of teams in the NL, arranged in order by current standings. Then went to the top deck, where my seat was. I sat one section over from the day before, and had part of my view obstructed by a beam.

    Also, it was interesting that I went to 2 night games at Wrigley, as this place was known for day games. The day games stemmed from the fact that it was the last in the majors to install lights in 1988. And the Cubs had to, otherwise playoff games would be held elsewhere, as MLB wanted the games for prime time TV.

    The 2nd game between the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers jumped to a 3-0 lead after 4 innings. The Cubs did not score until the 7th inning, making it 3-1. Then I got to see the manager get ejected from the game, and had some nasty things to say to the umpire. To the 8th inning, when both teams scored, 1 by the Brewers and 3 by the Cubs, tying the score. The game would go extra innings, to the 10th, when the Cubs scored the winning run, to win the game 5-4.

    I went down to the concourse, and saw the Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame. Then left, and went back to where I was staying. Took care of some things, then to sleep.

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  • 15Jun 2011

    5 Taking Care of Things 15.06.2011 USA —

    Chicago, USA


    Well, the last day of the trip, and I would spend most of it, taking care of things for my sister. I had to do some shopping, as I ran out of cat food. So I had to go to a Target, and got there a little too early. So I had to wait until it opened, as I got to drive my sister's car.

    Once I got back, I had to make sure the cat got fed. After that, I just chilled until the time that I dreaded, which was taking my sister's cat to the vet for boarding. I had to grab and force her into the bag crate. Then drive to the vet, relying on directions that I got from MapQuest. They were helpful, as I got there, and dropped the cat off. Then back to my sister's place.

    I packed my things, and thought I had enough time to try a Chicago hot dog. I took the train into the Loop, and did stop by a place. I bought one, but had no time to eat. I had to head to the airport. Turned out, going to downtown was not such a good idea.

    I rode the Blue Line to O'Hare Airport, hoping to make it in time to be able to check-in. I was counting down the stops, until I got there. Then ran to the check-in kiosk, sweating along the way. I made it in time to check-in, then had to go through security. After that, to the gate, where they already started boarding. I was one of the last ones to board, before the door closed.

    As it turned out, the flight left very close to schedule. So no delay. I slept during most of the flight, and arrived back into Philly. The trip has ended!

    This trip was different than the other ones I've taken, because the main purpose was for a special occasion. I got to see my sister get married, and see another baseball stadium.

    My next trip would be in 3 weeks, to the South.

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  • 22Aug 2012

    6 Unbelievable! 22.08.2012 USA —

    Chicago, USA


    Coming back from Milwaukee, where I spent the first half of this day. I would hit Chicago traffic, and got stuck in it for 2 hours. And it was made worse by the fact that I had to return the rental car by a certain time or pay extra fees.

    So after enduring the traffic, I was able to return the car, but not on time, and had to pay extra. Then I took the El train, and went to the North Side, near DePaul University. I got there, and walked to the Chicago Getaway Hostel. A very nice hostel. I decided to stay at a hostel instead of my sister's place, since my sister just recently gave birth to a baby girl. I planned to visit her and see the baby for the first time.

    I checked in, and rested for a bit. After that, as it got late, I decided to go to my sister's place. I had to send her a text to make sure it was okay for me to visit. It was, and headed there.

    I arrived there, and got to see my baby niece for the first time. And even got to hold her. It was truly unbelievable, as I never saw myself ever doing that. Not sure why I feel that way, I just do! I was really an uncle, holding her.

    I was there for a few hours, with my sister and her husband, having dinner and hanging out. It was a nice time there, catching up. Then it got late, and I headed back.

    It ended up being an unbelievable day, for simply seeing my baby niece.

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  • 23Aug 2012

    7 Old School Games! 23.08.2012 USA —

    Brookfield, USA


    This was the day that I would go to an arcade, and play some old school video games. Now, you may wonder, why would I waste vacation time, going to a place to play video games when you can do that back home? A long time ago, that was a valid question, and I would have no good answer. But now, with arcades nearly being extinct, I tend to look for these places, hoping to find ones that have old video games.

    I learned about the Galloping Ghost Arcade, which was located in Brookfield, a suburb of Chicago. And not too far from Midway Airport. A true arcade, unlike Dave & Busters, which isn't really one.

    I went to Union Station in downtown. From there, I had to take the Metra, which was a commuter rail line to the suburbs. I had to check the schedules, and saw that I would have to use 2 different stops. More about that later on.

    So I got to the right platform, and hopped on the Metra. A 2-story train, I went to the top level. I got off at Congress Park, which was much closer to the arcade. The ride was not long, and I had to make sure that I did not fall asleep.

    I was able to find the arcade, with help from my phone. I went inside, paid admission, and it was unlimited free play for the entire day. Oh man, I was going back in time, not only because of the old games, but also because of the environment that is slowly disappearing from this world and can't be duplicated at any other place.

    It did remind me how much time and money I spent playing video games, especially the fighting games. I would spend 5 hours playing. I could spent the entire day, if I wanted to. Games I really enjoyed, are Super Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat games, Double Dragon, and Time Soldiers.

    I did take a break, and went to the Chinese take-out place next door. I ordered the chicken wings, and was salty and nasty, as they were stale.

    I had to leave, since I did not want to get back so late. And I had to walk to the Brookfield station, which was a 20-minute walk. I had to go there, since not many trains stopped by Congress Park, and none after 3 PM. I got there, where I hopped on the Metra, and rode back to Chicago. Then back to the hostel.

    I had a great time at the arcade, which was a throwback to my childhood in more ways than one. And hoped to visit again on this trip, but not sure which day. But it is always something to do whenever I come to Chicago.

    [I should have taken more photos of the place, but I just got distracted big-time!)

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  • 24Aug 2012

    8 Soldering Through Heat 24.08.2012 USA —

    Chicago, USA


    I started this day, not sure what to do. I was thinking about going to a doubleheader of baseball games, as both the Cubs and White Sox were home at the same weekend, which is very rare. I decided to just go to the White Sox game. Plus there were stadium tours of Soldier Field, which were only given once or twice a week. So I had to plan around that.

    Going outside, I was sweating very quickly, as it was so hot outside. And I did not pack any shorts, which made it worse in this heat wave.

    Until then, I decided to visit my sister's place, and hang out there for a bit. It was just nice to talk and catch up a bit. When the time came, I left and went towards Museum Campus. I arrived by Soldier Field, near the actual soldiers' memorial, hence the name of the stadium.

    I went to the gift shop, to see if that was where I bought a ticket for tours. But they tell me that I had to go all the way around to get there. So I had to go back out, and run around the stadium. Very hot and humid, as I quickly got tired and sweaty. Another family followed behind me, as they were looking as well.

    We got to the entrance, where there were people already waiting. I paid the fee, and waited a little while, until the stadium tour started. We went inside the stadium, starting in the concourse area. There were murals and displays of events that have been held at Soldier Field.

    The tour guide was an unapologetic Bears fan, and will take occasional jabs at the Packers. He showed us the field, which we can see but can't walk on. Then the visitor locker room, along with the trainers room. Then back out in the hot weather, passing by the area where we entered and the mezzanine area.

    We would find major relief in the heat, in the skyline suites, the only air-conditioned part. As the name suggested, you can see the skyline and watch the game. Can't imagine how expensive it would be, but one has to have major money.

    Unfortunately, we went back out, and to the Greek columns, the original part of the stadium. Nearby are the original seats. This was where the tour ended. I looked around, seeing the lake and memorials. Then walked near the bus stop, seeing another memorial.

    The tour was okay, but it just reminded me, that to really see a football stadium, I would have to attend an actual football game. A tour just doesn't feel the same.

    I left, and went to my sister's place, to hang around again. When the time came, I went back to the hostel, and took advantage of the all-you-can eat BBQ. It was free for those staying there. I ate so much and stuffed myself. As a result, I would run late to the White Sox game.

    So I headed to US Cellular Field, a stadium that I first visited back in 2008. More about that visit in the blog entry here, along with the review here.

    So there was no urgency to get there early. But I did want to see a few things that I missed the first time around. One of them was the home plate of Comiskey Park, the old ballpark of the White Sox. After that, I went to the current ballpark, seeing the starting lineup on the wall. I went inside, and headed to the upper deck, seeing the Chicago White Sox play the Seattle Mariners.

    It was the 2nd inning, by the time I arrived at my seat, with the Mariners leading 2-1. But not for long, as the White Sox tied in the bottom of the 2nd inning. They scored 2 more in the 3rd, and 2 more in the 4th, all of which on home runs. Another in the 6th, as the White Sox led 7-2, going into the 9th inning. Looked like a blowout. But then, the Mariners scored 6 runs in the top of the 9th, to take a 8-7 lead. The home crowd had to be stunned. But it was not over, as the White Sox scored 2 runs, to come back and win it 9-8.

    An unbelievable game, with the best part in the 9th inning, with all that scoring. There were postgame fireworks afterwards. Then headed out, and went back to the hostel.

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  • 25Aug 2012

    9 A Field Day 25.08.2012 USA —

    Chicago, USA


    As I got up, I decided to go to the arcade again. I checked the Metra schedules, and had to catch it by a certain time to really enjoy the place, and not come back late.

    So I went out, and tried to get to Union Station. But would run into a problem, as there was construction on the subway tracks, closing part of the Loop. So I had to get off at a different stop, farther away from the train station. I got off, and went one way, thinking I was heading there, as I was running out of time.

    Sweating like crazy, I realized that I went the wrong way. By then, it was too late. Being the weekend, not as many trains running. So I went to get some bottled water, as I dripped in sweat. Using my new I-phone, I looked into other options. I decided to head to the Hershey shop, heading north on the El train.

    I got to the Hershey's place, which was nothing more than a gift shop. It was located near Michigan Ave, along the Mag Mile. But it was a place to cool off, and relax at the cafe. I got a peanut butter chocolate milkshake, which was really good and cooling, but really messy without the lid. Basically, I had to remember that it's not ice cream, even though I tend to use a spoon instead of a straw, since I have a hard time sucking the thick milkshake through the straw.

    After enjoying and relaxing the milkshake, I had to head back out into the muggy weather. I decided to go to the Field Museum of Natural History, so I headed over there, to Museum Campus. Once there, I went up the stairs, and inside. I figure, might as well spend this time indoors.

    There was a Genghis Khan exhibition, which was the main reason coming here. I had to pay extra for it, and photography was not allowed inside. So I went in, and learned about the famous Mongol leader, Genghis Khan. He was the leader of the Mongols, who stretched their empire from Eastern Europe, all the way to Korea. There were displays of artifacts, showcasing the way of life for the Mongols, and how they lived in the desert.

    It also got into the history after his time, particularly of his grandson, Kublai Khan. And how the empire would eventually fall, and the legacy that Genghis Khan left, and the impact he had for today. It was interesting to see how they put a positive spin on the guy, considering he is normally portrayed as a ruthless killer.

    Afterwards, there were other things to see in this museum, and I was not going to see everything. The place was huge. So I had to pick a couple sections, and focus on those. I checked out the Egyptian collection, as I always enjoy looking at them. Then went to the Africa section, which was a section on the continent itself. Then came the dark and tragic part, which was on slavery. It started with a dark tunnel, then got into the horrors of slavery in the New World. After that, an exhibition on life of African-Americans, and their culture in the US. Closing time approaching, and I ended up rushing through most of the Africa section.

    It was a nice place to spend some time, considering how last minute it was, and how freaking hot it was outside. When closing time came, I had to leave and waited at the bus stop. I would end up waiting about 40 minutes, as I saw so many coming into Museum Campus, but only one coming out. And that one was so full that it did not bother to stop. Another one came, and I got on it.

    I went back to the hostel, once again, for the all-you-can-eat barbecue. And once again, I ate so much and was stuffed, but satisfied.

    Afterwards, I went to visit my sister's place, and hang out there for a while. And get to see the baby one last time. I would learn that I have to wash my hands before touching the baby, as their immunity has not been built up yet. Still, it was truly something to see the baby niece.

    After a while, I had to head back to the hostel. And then to sleep. I would return home the next early morning.

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  • 20Jul 2013

    10 The First Birthday Party 20.07.2013 USA —

    Chicago, USA


    Arrived the previous day, and just got together with the family, to have dinner, at an Asian fusion restaurant.

    We had dinner together, and it was nice to see my niece, after the tough ordeal she had to go through. She was hospitalized, but was okay. But going through that experience was extremely rough for her.

    Started this day, going to the airport, to eat at a McDonald's at the international terminal. After the breakfast, we rode the tram, and had a little friendly chat with a war veteran, who was stationed in Korea back in the day. He talked mainly with my mom about how different Korea is now.

    Back to the hotel for a little while. Then went into the city, and to the restaurant, where the birthday party would take place. This was where we met more family members, and other people that I remember seeing from the wedding. I forgot the name of the restaurant, but it did look like an interesting place.

    I got to eat a lot of pizza, along with some salad and other things. It was a nice meal. But the baby was not happy at all, as she has been put through a lot recently, and had no interest in this party. She was crying almost the entire time.

    When the party ended, she stopped crying, and seemed a lot more calm. It was as if, she was really relieved that it was all over. And I was, kind of, as it was tough to see my niece go through all that.

    I went back to the hotel, and just stayed there for the rest of the day. I read, napped for a bit, and used the computer in the lobby, as there was free internet. After some time, I went to sleep.

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  • 21Jul 2013

    11 Family and Video Games 21.07.2013 USA —

    Chicago, USA


    This was my last day at the Hilton, and the last that I would ever stay in such a hotel. My mom had left and already at the airport. I would sleep some more, as I had until noon to check out.

    But I did not stay that long, as I had to check out and move on to the Chicago Gateway Hostel. The same one that I stayed at back in 2012, and already reviewed it. The fact that I am staying there again, should tell you how I feel about that place.

    So going from the Hilton to the hostel, talk about a huge difference in accommodations. After checking in the hostel and dropping off my things, I had to leave again, to meet up with my sister and the rest of the family. Including the relatives from the birthday party. I would meet them at a restaurant called the Graham Elliot Bistro, where we would sit outside.

    I am not a fan of outdoor seating, mainly because of sitting in the sun. And the umbrella does not always help, due to the tilt of the sun. Luckily, one of my relatives was nice enough to switch with me, and sit in the sun. Other than that, I had a good time hanging out with family. As for my niece, she slept most of the time, seemingly very peaceful.

    After the meal, we walked to an ice cream place. I did not get any, as I wanted to leave and head to the arcade. So I said goodbye to everyone, and headed to Union Station. Then took the Metra train to Brookfield.

    Once there, I had to walk a few long blocks, mostly in the sun. I was sweating like crazy, as the walk was farther than I remembered. But I made it to the Galloping Ghost Arcade, and played video games for 5 hours. So much fun!

    I had to go back, and took the train back. Then back to the hostel. All of this took a very long time, being Sunday and not nearly as much trains running. When back at the hostel, I took a much needed shower. Then relaxed for the rest of night, to sleep.

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  • 22Jul 2013

    12 Art Instead of Video Games 22.07.2013 USA —

    Chicago, USA


    Getting ready for the day, I went to the computer to update some things. Then eat the hostel breakfast in the lounge, where I got to meet some people, from other parts of the country. After breakfast, I was undecided what to do. I considered going to the arcade again, but after considering how long it took to get back, I changed my mind. Being a hot day, I wanted to spend it indoors, and chose to go to the Art Institute of Chicago.

    When I got there, I saw that there was a line that extended outside. So I had to wait in the sun, but not for long. Got inside, and paid admission. Then went to see the art museum, with works from different parts of the world. Starting with the ancient collection, from Greece to the Byzantine era.

    Then went to see American art, which included the most well-known painting, "American Gothic". Turned out, the man and woman on it, are not husband and wife, but actually father and daughter instead. It has been parodied a lot, but really something to see the original with my own eyes.

    I did look at some Asian art as well, and downstairs, to the miniature rooms. Basically, it was very much like the Met in New York, or the Penn Museum in Philly. Very extensive, and definitely could not be seen in one day. I stayed until closing time.

    Leaving the museum, I went to my sister's place, for some dinner. And get to see the baby again, who has definitely grown up. They do grow up fast. Then went back the hostel.

    I had to start packing up, as I had an early morning flight. Washed up, then went to sleep. The next morning, I had to get up early, and go to the airport. Then return to Philly, where I had to go back to work.

    I did get to see my niece turn 1 years old.

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