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My trips to Missouri

  • 27Aug 2019

    1 Coming to Middle of the Country 08/27/2019 USA —



    Kind of planned at the last minute, I would be taking a trip to Missouri. I originally planned to go somewhere else, but decided to take this one, as I wanted to get closer to finish this baseball quest. And with low airfare, that pretty much sealed it for me. I planned to visit Kansas City for the very first time, and St. Louis again.

    A late start to the day, as I had an afternoon flight. I arrived at the airport, and went through security to the gate. I had already checked in online earlier. I just waited until boarding, as I was flying with Frontier Airlines. I did worry about the flight being on time, considering my experience with them back in March to Florida. Though, the one to Cincinnati worked out well in June.

    Anyway, I got on the plane, which left Philly, and arrived in Kansas City on time. A short walk to the curb, as this was a small airport. Waited there for the city bus to take me to downtown. I was surprised to receive a text from the hostel owner, asking about my arrival. This never happened before. I responded, then just waited until the bus came. It was running late.

    When it did come, I got on and went to downtown. I did notice some fountains. Then remembered reading about Kansas City (or KC for short), having the 2nd most fountains in the world. I got off one bus, and walked to another stop. Then hopped on another, taking me to the hostel.

    I did notice along the way, the not-so-appealing neighborhood, making me a little nervous. I had second thoughts about this, but the reservation has already been made. Getting off, I walked to the Honeycomb Hostel, the only one in the KC area.

    Going inside, I did meet the owner, Elsa. And she had 2 dogs who lived there. No formal check-in process, as I just went up to the room. It has already been paid for, when making the reservation online.

    After dropping my backpack in the room and choosing a bed, I went to ask about any nearby restaurants. There was only one, about a mile one-way. I did not feel like walking that much, though Elsa thought it was nothing. And making me fee like an idiot. Okay, not off to a good start. Instead, I decided to go to a nearby Save-A-Lot, to get some groceries. About half a mile away.

    So I went there, to get some things that won't require me to cook, like bread and turkey. And to eat for multiple meals, to help save money and time. After shopping, I returned to the hostel, and ate a little dinner. Then went to take a shower, and take care of a few other things, before going to bed.

    Not much happened on this day, as it was basically an arrival day. But the next one should be a biggie.

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  • 28Aug 2019

    2 Baseball With Some Jazz 08/28/2019 USA —



    It was tough to sleep at times, so I did not sleep too well. After getting up, I would ate breakfast with the groceries that I bought. When asking the owner Elsa for something, she just seemed very annoyed that I asked. After taking care of some things, I went out.

    Being that this was a baseball trip, I had to go to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Getting there, I did get off at the wrong stop, and had to walk a little more than planned. Then came upon the 18th and Vine District, which has been declared a historical district. This was an African-American community, and looked like a step back in time.

    I saw only a portion of it, seeing the American Jazz Walk of Fame. I did recognize a few names, and went to the building with the 2 museums. They were the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and American Jazz Museum. I decided to visit both, since I was already there, and a better combo deal. Obviously, I decided to start with the baseball museum.

    This was a history museum on the Negro Leagues, starting from its beginnings in the late 1800's, to its end in 1951. They were formed, as black players were blocked from playing in Major League Baseball. And making it possible for them to play baseball. When Jackie Robinson broke the racial barrier in Major League Baseball, it was basically the beginning of the end of the Negro Leagues.

    There were artifacts and displays telling the history, and all the struggles these players had to face through those times. Like how it was difficult to find hotels that accepted them, and other different groups, like Latin players and female players. It ended with the Field of Legends, consisting of the most well-known players in the Negro Leagues, like Satchel Paige, Buck Leonard, Josh Gibson and more.

    I did enjoy this museum and spent quite a bit of time. Very well-organized, I think it was well-worth a visit. A must for baseball fans, but I think non-baseball fans should check it out, mainly for the race history. After this museum, I went to the American Jazz Museum.

    This one was not so much on the history of jazz, but getting into the different aspects of this type of music. Like the different instruments used, and the different sounds heard within the music. Plus displays on some of the famous musicians, some of which, I have heard. And tying into with history, as it does have roots in African-American history.

    There are interactive exhibits, along with displays of artifacts. Plus a look at the jazz club, which is still operating as one. It does not follow a linear pattern, so it can get confusing at times, being all over the place.

    Let me say this... I know very little (if any) about jazz music. I could not describe it to anyone, other than it was usually the soothing type of music. I used to think it was boring, but I did grow a little appreciation for it over the years. While I don't go out of my way to listen to it, jazz can be be enjoyable for me to listen to, mainly as background music. With the museum, I think it was enjoyable in its own way. But I would have skipped it if not already in the area, as well as being part of a combo ticket with the baseball museum.

    Afterwards, I went to see a little exhibition called "African Roots", getting into African-American history in Kansas City. The only free part of the museum, as it was located in the lobby area. There was also an art exhibition, but after seeing a part of it, I did not find it as interesting. So I left the building, looking around the area.

    I went to get on the bus, going to downtown first. Getting off at the City Hall area, I would see a fountain nearby. Then went on another bus, going to Union Station. I passed by Crown Center, and arrived at Union Station.

    Going inside the station, I saw that the building itself would be worth touring. But that had to be another time, as I came here to buy an Amtrak ticket to St. Louis. Hoped to avoid paying fees online, but the cost ended up being higher. Yes, the price has increased. After buying the ticket, I looked around for a bit, then left the station.

    I hopped on the streetcar, which was free. Though I was not sure where to go exactly, and considered going to the River Market, hoping to get some food. But got off after realizing how long and far it was. It was near the same bus stop from before, at 14th and Main. Then walked towards the Power and Light District, as I stopped by a Domino's Pizza, hoping for lunch. But there was no one at the counter. I waited, and even counted to 10, but still no one. So I just left, and headed back to the hostel.

    When getting to the area, I stopped to get some more things at a Family Dollar store. Then back at the hostel, where I ate a couple sandwiches that I prepared. Then going upstairs, I saw some dog poop on the floor. Luckily, not in my path. Then to the room, to rest as much as I can.

    After resting, it was time to get ready again. Then leaving the hostel, I walked to a bus stop, as I was heading to Kauffman Stadium for a baseball game. I worried that I get there later than I wanted to, as I hoped to have enough time to take photos. I got on one bus, and kept looking at my phone to keep track of the progress.

    As it turned out, I got to one transfer spot earlier than expected. So enough time to catch the bus to the stadium early enough. After riding the second bus, I arrived at Kauffman Stadium. Then walked to the stadium, and waited for the gates to be opened. The parking attendant told me that there was not much to see outside of the gates, so that saved me some time from making a loop around the stadium.

    When the gates opened, I went through security, but learned that bottled drinks were not allowed. I had a bottled Pepsi, which I ended up drinking the whole thing. Then was finally able to enter the ballpark. I walked to see some statues, and the fountain in the outfield area. Then came to a museum, the Royals Hall of Fame.

    More commonly known as "The K", this was built as an only-baseball stadium in 1973, which was unusual at the time. The trend was multi-purpose stadiums that baseball and football teams shared. Almost all of those are gone now.

    This museum was on the history of baseball in Kansas City, as it mentioned the previous teams that were there. Then it has all the memorabilia and artifacts from the different moments in Royals history. So not really a traditional history museum, as it does not follow a linear pattern. The notable exhibit was the sculpture of #5, made of 3154 baseballs, representing the number of hits that George Brett had in his entire career. And he played his entire career with the Royals. There were also the 2 World Series trophies, for 1985 and 2015. And ending with the plaques of players and more in the Royals Hall of Fame.

    Overall, I enjoyed this museum, as I think baseball fans will enjoy it as well. But non-baseball fans may give this a skip, as I don't think it would appeal to them at all. I left the museum, and started to head towards my seat in the upper deck. Seeing some history on some of the columns in the concourse along the way. I got to the upper deck, and even got to talk to an usher, who understood my need to sit in the shade. Even if she preferred to sit in the sun.

    I got to my seat with time to spare. And looked around for a bit, until the game started. I did hope that the game would not end too late, as I hoped to catch the bus from the stadium. And early enough, so I don't get back too late. I would keep looking at the time, as the game progressed, as I did not want to spend money for a taxi either.

    The Kansas City Royals took on the Oakland Athletics, as the Royals were well out of playoff contention. But the A's still have playoff hopes. The game was back and forth between the teams, with the A's started with a 2-0 lead. But the Royals came back to tie it. The A's scored another 2 runs, but the Royals then scored 4 unanswered runs. The Royals beat the A's by score of 6-4.

    The game ended early enough for me to catch an earlier bus back. Even enough time for me to even go to the lower level for some photos. I went down there, but only managed one photo, as the stadium seemed to close down immediately. So I headed out of the stadium, and to the bus stop. I even got a ride on one of those carts, to the stop. Then waited for the next bus.

    When it came, it took me to another part of the city. Then transferred to another, and headed back to the hostel. So I was able to get back early enough. I washed up and to sleep.

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  • 29Aug 2019

    3 Union With the Museum and Crown 08/29/2019 USA —



    Starting the day with trying to decide what to do, after getting ready and eating some breakfast at the hostel. Being that it was a very hot day, and getting off to a later start of the day, I decided not to visit the Kansas City Zoo. Being outdoors in that hot weather was too much for me. And seeing how big the zoo was, it would have taken the whole day, with little else to do.

    So I decided to do the indoor attractions. Starting with Union Station, as I got there by bus and walking. I took the bus to a hospital area, then walked to Union Station. I did notice some streets were blocked off from car traffic. I got to Union Station, and went inside, as it was relief from the heat.

    I did look around, and stopped by the visitor center. I considered a fountain tour, and asked a few other questions. I did eat some of my packed lunch, then took my own tour of the station. I looked around the architecture of the place. Then went to tour the museum exhibit, on the history of Union Station.

    This exhibit consisted about 3 floors, starting on the 2nd floor. Not easy to find, as there was only a set of elevators on one side of the station that goes there. I did take one on a different side, which was a mistake. When i got there, I worked my way up, reading and seeing the displays on the history of the station. The station opened in 1913, and was the major railroad hub. It would go downhill to the point of being so rundown, as there was plans to demolish it. But it was renovated, and back to its former glory. Now, it does look really nice, and worth a look. The museum part was mostly worth it too.

    After seeing this part, I went to the Model Train Gallery, which has a set of big model train sets. I would only see one of them for the time being, since I wanted enough time to see a nearby attraction. So after looking at one set, I left the place. And went out of Union Station.

    Along the way, there was the fountain nearby. And to the National WWI Museum and Memorial. Starting with the memorial part, with the Dedication Wall. Then continued up a hill, until I got to the courtyard, with its tall tower and 2 separate buildings there. I could see the downtown area, behind Union Station. But the heat was just too much, so I went into one of the buildings.

    Turned out, this was the Memorial Hall building, which was not the main entrance. But I went towards the main entrance, and saw that. Then paid admission to enter the museum. I find out that the tower was closed. I just continued on, as there was no turning back now. I entered into the museum, starting the tour with an introductory film on World War I. After that, I went to see the museum itself.

    In short, World War I was a dogpile of European nations declaring war on each other. And it came from a number of factors, as there was a buildup of tensions, to the point of hitting that breaking point. The museum was divided into 2 parts, with the 1st part being the part of the war before the US entered. A middle part, representing the US entering into World War I. And the 2nd part, after the US has entered.

    There were a displays and artifacts of the different weapons and artillery used, by the different nations that were involved in the war. Plus other aspects of the war, like the medical staff and the different uniforms. And a bunch more.

    I would have enough time to see the 2 separate buildings. The first was Memorial Hall, which looked nice with the paintings on the wall. Also, a series of maps and a memorial to the KC people who fought in the war. There was also a temporary exhibition "Devastated Lands", a photo gallery showing the destruction of war. After seeing all this, I went to the second building, Exhibit Hall. This one has a temporary exhibition "1919: Peace?", showing what happened after the war ended.

    After seeing these 2 buildings, I went back to the museum part. And see what I may have missed. I would have had enough time to see the place to my satisfaction. I thought the museum was very much worth it, as I have not really seen any sites that involved WWI. So this was something completely different for me.

    I left, and went back to the Model Train Gallery in Union Station. And went to see the rest of the model train sets, which were just impressive to see. The attention to detail was just amazing. I stayed there, seeing the trains pass by, until closing time. Then I left Union Station, and walked to the Crown Center.

    This was a shopping mall, as I went there to look at the food options. I decided to look for some of that KC barbeque. And found a place called' Three Little Pigs", where I ordered a chicken BBQ sandwich, with some potatoes. At first, it looked small and overpriced. But after eating it, I did feel full, and did not bother getting any ice cream, which I originally planned to do. And it was very good, as I enjoyed it very much! I just relaxed, being inside an air-conditioned place.

    I did go outside, as I noticed the green fountain. It was done for the upcoming Irish Fest. And a little fountain show nearby. After seeing them, it was time to go. I walked back to the hospital area. Then took the bus back to the hostel.

    I arrived back, and just washed up and relaxed for the rest of the night. I did get to talk to one of the roommates, who was from Wyoming, and looking to relocate. I packed up as much as I can, before going to sleep. This was my last day in Kansas City, as I would leave the next day.

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  • 30Aug 2019

    4 Gateway to a Rainout 08/30/2019 USA —

    St. Louis, USA


    Getting up and ready early enough, I left the hostel and went to Union Station. It was raining outside, and I had to walk through it. First, to the bus stop. Then after getting off the bus, when missing where I was suppose to get off. I was not too far, and just went to the streetcar line. I rode that to Union Station, then went inside.

    I wondered if the museum part was open at this time, and checked for myself. Turned out that it was. So something I could have done to bypass the waiting time. No point to get upset about it. And I saw a long line for another train, as I just waited around there. Considered getting something to eat there, but was not willing to pay for overpriced food.

    I did hear about another train being delayed, and was told that my train was not. When the time came, I did board the train, and it left on time. Leaving Kansas City, I was heading to St. Louis. So I was going across the state of Missouri, passing by places that I recognized. Like Independence, which was a reminder that I have to return to KC someday.

    I learned that the train would fall behind schedule for reasons. And see for myself, that Amtrak was not much better than Greyhound when it came to being on time. And with some of the delays that happened, it was very true. The big difference was that it was more tolerable on the train than on the bus. I was able to read without getting motion sickness. But still, it was still frustrating, as I was losing valuable time in St. Louis.

    I hoped not to buy any food on the train. But since I ate very little so far, I just had to buy a hot dog, overpriced by a lot. And ate it in the cafe train. I would see some people playing cards, and overhear conversations about the upcoming baseball game. Even a possible rainout, as it has been raining for the entire train journey.

    The train arrived in St. Louis, getting there by an hour late. This was my 3rd time visiting, with my last visit being in 2009. Getting off the train, I walked to the Metrolink station, seeing the Enterprise Center nearby. The home of the St. Louis Blues, who just won a Stanley Cup. When the Metrolink train came, I rode it to the airport. Kind of a strange journey, but my hotel was in that area.

    A long ride, I arrived at the airport. Then walked through it, to the curb to wait for the hotel shuttle bus to the Marriott St. Louis Airport. Yes, that's right... I am staying at a Marriott. I was able to find a good price that was more safe, than the hostel that I stayed back in 2009. Besides, not even sure if the hostel was still open. But even back then, the hostel was very rundown. And there are no other ones in the St. Louis area.

    So the bus came, and I arrived at the hotel. I quickly checked in, and got to my room. This was me getting to experience some luxury, as I almost never stay in places like this. Just dropped my backpack, and took the only things needed for the baseball game. Then leaving the room, to the lobby, it started to rain outside. Not a good sign. I got on the shuttle bus, and rode it back to the airport. Then to the Metrolink, going to Busch Stadium.

    Arriving there, I did look around for a little bit. And it was raining, making it tough to take photos. So I waited for a time when it stopped. I walked around the ballpark, and came to an usher, who told me that backpacks were not allowed at all. That was bad enough! But made a lot worse when there was no place for storage. This was the part that annoyed me big-time! When asking about what to do, the only answers were either, take it back to the car or hotel, or throw it away. The first was not possible, and the second was not willing.

    The rule was to put it in a plastic bag. Luckily, I had one with me. So I had to improvise, and put the contents in the plastic bag. Then turned it inside out, and tried to pass it off as my jacket. Luckily, it worked, as I was able to get past security at the gate. And after getting my ticket scanned, I received a giveaway, which I put in my bag without looking. Then walked around the concourse. So that obstacle was overcome.

    I was back at Busch Stadium since 2009. This was the 3rd version (or Busch Stadium III), as there have been 2 previous versions. As I walked in the concourse, I saw 2 sets of old scoreboards from the 2nd Busch Stadium (or Busch Stadium II). They were the exact scores from the final home game at that stadium, left as they were after that game ended.

    Went up to Ford Plaza, but since it was out in the rain, I turned around. I tried to go to the upper levels, but it was closed off due to rain. So I walked around aimlessly, until deciding to sit in a section underneath the overhang. Not much else to do, and could not take any good photos of the stadium due to rain.

    I saw the tarp on the field, and seeing it rain hard at times. With the forecast, I could not see this game happening. When the game time came, it was announced that it was postponed. So history repeats itself here, as it happened to me in 2009 as well. The game would be made up as part of a doubleheader on Sunday. But I won't be in town by then, so I hoped to exchange tickets for Saturday game instead.

    Tried to go to the ticket offices, but all of them were already closed. Oh boy, history repeating itself again, with paying for a ticket that I could not use. I hoped Stubhub will resolve this. But now, no point staying here any longer. So I left, and rode the train towards the Gateway Arch.

    Getting off, I followed the marked directions on the sidewalk. But it seemed like I was getting nowhere, as I was walking in the rain, making it more miserable. After a while, I just went with my own instinct, and was able to find the museum under the Arch. But it seemed so far away, as I was getting soaked. Luckily, it was not a downpour, but still terrible to walk through. A bad day all around.

    But I start to think... it was all about balance on this trip. With things going relatively well in Kansas City, it looked like it had to be balanced out with not going well in St. Louis. In some strange way, this was my way of having to pay the piper.

    I arrived at the museum under the Gateway Arch. I did not take the time to look at it, since it was dark and raining steadily. I just wanted to go inside, to dry out. And I did, which was some relief for me. Good thing that this museum was opened late during the summer. This allowed me to salvage the day.

    I had to go through security, then went to tour the museum. This was a completely new place for the most part, as it did look very futuristic. I figured that it was in need of a major update, as the previous one seemed to be old and stuck in time (not in a good way), which I have seen in my previous visits.

    Before touring, I did call Stubhub, to see if I could exchange the ticket. At first, it was not possible, as it was up to the Cardinals. But the guy that was on the phone, put me on a lengthy hold. It was a long wait, as I was obviously impatient. But then, the surprise happened. The long wait was for a reason, as the guy made it happen, to give me credit on Stubhub, which in turn, I could use to buy a ticket for Saturday. That was really nice of him to help me out like that. He figured that since it was seeing the Cards in Busch Stadium, he helped me out that way. After all this, I toured the museum.

    The museum was divided into 6 sections, but I toured 5 of them. They were the following... 1) Colonial St. Louis, 2) Jefferson's Vision, 3) Manifest Destiny, 4) Riverfront Era, 5) New Frontiers. The final one was Building the Arch, but I decided to save that for the next day. It was getting late, and I wanted to get back to the hotel.

    The museum itself, was indeed a nice update. More organized, and more balanced for that matter. As American history goes in terms of expansion, with settlers moving into new territory, it came at the expense of the Native Americans. As a result, major tragic clashes happened. I thought the museum was very much worth going, and a worthy part of the Gateway Arch.

    Leaving the museum, I returned to the hotel, walking in the rain part of the way. Once back at the Marriott, I did go to a nearby convenience store, to get some food. All of it was basically junk food. But I had to eat something, and not willing to pay for expensive food in the hotel. After that, back to the room, to eat some of the food. And took a much needed shower, and relaxed for the night.

    The day was almost completely lost, with the late arrival and the game not happening due to rain. But it ended on a very good note, with the Arch Museum being opened late. And credit on Stubhub, to basically exchange tickets without paying extra. I hoped the next day will go better.

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  • 31Aug 2019

    5 Getting Around With Plastic Bag 08/31/2019 USA —

    St. Louis, USA


    I would start the day late, as I did have to take care of some things at the hotel. Plus I wanted to enjoy my stay at the Marriott a bit more. Plus I would use my credit from StubHub, to buy a ticket for one of the games on this day. Then decided on what to take, and had to put them in the plastic bag. Since backpacks were not allowed at the stadium, plus my hotel was far from downtown, I had to carry around with the plastic bag. Good thing that it was big enough.

    I went to the Metrolink by shuttle bus, at the airport. Then rode it to downtown. I would get to sit next to a couple locals, who were heading to the 1st game of the day-night doubleheader. And got to talk with them for the duration of the ride, not only talking about the Cardinals, but even the Blues, who just won a Stanley Cup. A fun time. They got off at the stadium, while I continued on, getting off at Laclede's Landing stop.

    I assumed this was the Gateway Arch stop, as it was the last one on the Missouri side, before crossing the Mississippi River to the Illinois side, in a city called East St. Louis. After getting off, I walked to the Arch, seeing the riverfront along the way. It was a hot and humid day, plus sunny, which will make it harder to take photos.

    I got to the museum building, and went inside to stand in a long line to buy tickets. At first, I was not sure what I wanted to do. So much to do, so little time! Even if I have done all this before. After I got to the table, I chose to do the riverboat cruise and ride to the top of the Arch. I skipped the movie this time, as I have fell asleep both times before.

    Afterwards, I decided to leave the museum, and walk towards Busch Stadium. I came upon Ballpark Village, which is built on the site of the previous Busch Stadium. Now a place of restaurants and bars, for fans to hang out, if not going to the game itself. Also, the new home of the Cardinals Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, I will not have time to see that museum.

    Instead, I just focused on seeing the exterior of the stadium. As the first game was in progress, I went to see the group of statues, of the different great Cardinals of all-time. Like Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Ozzie Smith and more. And a separate one for Jack Buck, who has been a long-time announcer of the team, located somewhere else.

    I could hear the cheers, as the Cards did score a run. And get a glimpse of it, as I passed by a gate. I walked around part of the stadium, seeing the outside, and the individual tiles on the ground. Those tiles were different moments in team history. After reaching a certain point, I had to return to the Arch. And then to my appointed time for the riverboat cruise, as I did not want to miss it.

    Got in line for the riverboat, which was the Tom Sawyer. When getting on it, I had to take care of something, causing me to miss the first 10 minutes of the tour. The boat went northward, focusing on the Missouri side first. I went to the front of the boat, under some cover, which provided shade for me. Plus less crowded, so it ended up working out for me, as it gave me more room to take photos.

    When the riverboat turned around, I focused on the Illinois side. Then on the Arch, as it got closer to it. Then back to the dock, when I got off quickly. It was a nice tour, which I have done before. Only this time, hot and sticky! Afterwards, I went back to the museum, and inside for some relief.

    Walking past the museum part, I got in line for the ride to the top of Arch. Since I was traveling solo, I was able to skip most of the line. It started with a short film, and a guide telling us the rules on the ride. When all of it was done, I went to the doorway to one of the pods. I figure the ride was still the same. Can't recall what the queue was like back then, but I'm sure this current look was more updated, with the projections on the doors. When the door opened, I went to sit down, with another group of people. Then to the top.

    At the top, it was crowded, as I went to see both sides on a series of windows in the viewing area. Tough to pass through, as it was also narrow. Went one way to see downtown St. Louis, and the other way to see the Illinois side. After looking, I went back down.

    I sat in the cafe, and ate some of the food that I had. I considered seeing the last part of the museum, but time was getting tight. I went back out, looking at the Gateway Arch again. Then walked into a hotel for a bit, before finally heading to Busch Stadium. Passing by the Old Courthouse, which I won’t get to visit this time, and through Ballpark Village. And to the stadium, where it was already crowded. I did try to find a shorter line, but no luck. So I just got in one, and entered that way.

    I was able to enter the stadium, with the plastic bag of things. And got a jersey in the process, as the promotion. I walked along the concourse, going around as much as I can. Mainly the parts that I did not do the previous day. Seeing a timeline photo gallery on the team. Then to my seat in the upper deck.

    I was able to make there with enough time. Good seats, as it was under some cover. And behind the home plate area, so good views of the field and downtown in the distance. Though, this time, there were a few more high-rise buildings than the last time that I was there. So not as nice this time.

    The St. Louis Cardinals took on the Cincinnati Reds. The Cards have made a major surge in the NL Central, battling the Cubs and Brewers for first place. They were in 3rd place most of the season until recently, and now, in first place.

    The game itself, was for the most part, boring. I did find myself dozing off at times, which is never good. I never like falling asleep, as I insist on seeing the entire 9-inning game. The Reds took a 2-0 lead after 3 innings. And stayed that way, until the 7th inning, when the Cardinals finally scored. But then, came the 9th inning, when the excitement began. The Cards scored 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th, on a walk off single. And the Cardinals beat the Reds by score of 3-2.

    After the game, I did make a brief stop at the Redbird Club, which I remember seeing in 2009. Then went to get some last shots of the stadium, but the ushers were really trying to get everyone to leave. They won't even allow for a quick photo. But I was able to find someone who did it for me. Then exited the stadium.

    I took the Metrolink to the airport. And had to endure some guy who was playing music really loud. Luckily, it was not the whole ride. When getting to the airport, I did notice other people doing the same thing as me, as they were also staying the same hotel. Walking to the curb, and taking the shuttle bus to the hotel. Then back to my room.

    I started to pack up a little, and took care of some things before going to sleep. The next morning, I got up early enough, to pack up and check out. And the short ride to the airport. Then go through security, and to the gate with enough time to spare.

    When boarding the plane, it turned out that the plane was mostly empty. So I had a lot more leg room. Leaving St. Louis, I was back in Philly. Then took the train back home, ending the trip to Missouri.

    While not originally planned this year, I am glad to make it happen. And I could not pass up the chance of the low airfares. I am one step closer to finishing my baseball stadium quest.

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