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My trips to Missouri

  • 27Aug 2019

    1 Coming to Middle of the Country 08/27/2019 USA —



    Kind of planned at the last minute, I would be taking a trip to Missouri. I originally planned to go somewhere else, but decided to take this one, as I wanted to get closer to finish this baseball quest. And with low airfare, that pretty much sealed it for me. I planned to visit Kansas City for the very first time, and St. Louis again.

    A late start to the day, as I had an afternoon flight. I arrived at the airport, and went through security to the gate. I had already checked in online earlier. I just waited until boarding, as I was flying with Frontier Airlines. I did worry about the flight being on time, considering my experience with them back in March to Florida. Though, the one to Cincinnati worked out well in June.

    Anyway, I got on the plane, which left Philly, and arrived in Kansas City on time. A short walk to the curb, as this was a small airport. Waited there for the city bus to take me to downtown. I was surprised to receive a text from the hostel owner, asking about my arrival. This never happened before. I responded, then just waited until the bus came. It was running late.

    When it did come, I got on and went to downtown. I did notice some fountains. Then remembered reading about Kansas City (or KC for short), having the 2nd most fountains in the world. I got off one bus, and walked to another stop. Then hopped on another, taking me to the hostel.

    I did notice along the way, the not-so-appealing neighborhood, making me a little nervous. I had second thoughts about this, but the reservation has already been made. Getting off, I walked to the Honeycomb Hostel, the only one in the KC area.

    Going inside, I did meet the owner, Elsa. And she had 2 dogs who lived there. No formal check-in process, as I just went up to the room. It has already been paid for, when making the reservation online.

    After dropping my backpack in the room and choosing a bed, I went to ask about any nearby restaurants. There was only one, about a mile one-way. I did not feel like walking that much, though Elsa thought it was nothing. And making me fee like an idiot. Okay, not off to a good start. Instead, I decided to go to a nearby Save-A-Lot, to get some groceries. About half a mile away.

    So I went there, to get some things that won't require me to cook, like bread and turkey. And to eat for multiple meals, to help save money and time. After shopping, I returned to the hostel, and ate a little dinner. Then went to take a shower, and take care of a few other things, before going to bed.

    Not much happened on this day, as it was basically an arrival day. But the next one should be a biggie.

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  • 28Aug 2019

    2 Baseball With Some Jazz 08/28/2019 USA —



    It was tough to sleep at times, so I did not sleep too well. After getting up, I would ate breakfast with the groceries that I bought. When asking the owner Elsa for something, she just seemed very annoyed that I asked. After taking care of some things, I went out.

    Being that this was a baseball trip, I had to go to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Getting there, I did get off at the wrong stop, and had to walk a little more than planned. Then came upon the 18th and Vine District, which has been declared a historical district. This was an African-American community, and looked like a step back in time.

    I saw only a portion of it, seeing the American Jazz Walk of Fame. I did recognize a few names, and went to the building with the 2 museums. They were the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and American Jazz Museum. I decided to visit both, since I was already there, and a better combo deal. Obviously, I decided to start with the baseball museum.

    This was a history museum on the Negro Leagues, starting from its beginnings in the late 1800's, to its end in 1951. They were formed, as black players were blocked from playing in Major League Baseball. And making it possible for them to play baseball. When Jackie Robinson broke the racial barrier in Major League Baseball, it was basically the beginning of the end of the Negro Leagues.

    There were artifacts and displays telling the history, and all the struggles these players had to face through those times. Like how it was difficult to find hotels that accepted them, and other different groups, like Latin players and female players. It ended with the Field of Legends, consisting of the most well-known players in the Negro Leagues, like Satchel Paige, Buck Leonard, Josh Gibson and more.

    I did enjoy this museum and spent quite a bit of time. Very well-organized, I think it was well-worth a visit. A must for baseball fans, but I think non-baseball fans should check it out, mainly for the race history. After this museum, I went to the American Jazz Museum.

    This one was not so much on the history of jazz, but getting into the different aspects of this type of music. Like the different instruments used, and the different sounds heard within the music. Plus displays on some of the famous musicians, some of which, I have heard. And tying into with history, as it does have roots in African-American history.

    There are interactive exhibits, along with displays of artifacts. Plus a look at the jazz club, which is still operating as one. It does not follow a linear pattern, so it can get confusing at times, being all over the place.

    Let me say this... I know very little (if any) about jazz music. I could not describe it to anyone, other than it was usually the soothing type of music. I used to think it was boring, but I did grow a little appreciation for it over the years. While I don't go out of my way to listen to it, jazz can be be enjoyable for me to listen to, mainly as background music. With the museum, I think it was enjoyable in its own way. But I would have skipped it if not already in the area, as well as being part of a combo ticket with the baseball museum.

    Afterwards, I went to see a little exhibition called "African Roots", getting into African-American history in Kansas City. The only free part of the museum, as it was located in the lobby area. There was also an art exhibition, but after seeing a part of it, I did not find it as interesting. So I left the building, looking around the area.

    I went to get on the bus, going to downtown first. Getting off at the City Hall area, I would see a fountain nearby. Then went on another bus, going to Union Station. I passed by Crown Center, and arrived at Union Station.

    Going inside the station, I saw that the building itself would be worth touring. But that had to be another time, as I came here to buy an Amtrak ticket to St. Louis. Hoped to avoid paying fees online, but the cost ended up being higher. Yes, the price has increased. After buying the ticket, I looked around for a bit, before heading back to the hostel.

    When getting to the area, I stopped to get some more things at a Family Dollar store. Then back at the hostel, where I ate a couple sandwiches that I prepared. Then going upstairs, I saw some dog poop on the floor. Luckily, not in my path. Then to the room, to rest as much as I can.

    After resting, it was time to get ready again. Then leaving the hostel, I walked to a bus stop, as I was heading to Kauffman Stadium for a baseball game. I worried that I get there later than I wanted to, as I hoped to have enough time to take photos. I got on one bus, and kept looking at my phone to keep track of the progress.

    As it turned out, I got to one transfer spot earlier than expected. So enough time to catch the bus to the stadium early enough. After riding the second bus, I arrived at Kauffman Stadium. Then walked to the stadium, and waited for the gates to be opened. The parking attendant told me that there was not much to see outside of the gates, so that saved me some time from making a loop around the stadium.

    When the gates opened, I went through security, but learned that bottled drinks were not allowed. I had a bottled Pepsi, which I ended up drinking the whole thing. Then was finally able to enter the ballpark. I walked to see some statues, and the fountain in the outfield area. Then came to a museum, the Royals Hall of Fame.

    More commonly known as "The K", this was built as an only-baseball stadium in 1973, which was unusual at the time. The trend was multi-purpose stadiums that baseball and football teams shared. Almost all of those are gone now.

    This museum was on the history of baseball in Kansas City, as it mentioned the previous teams that were there. Then it has all the memorabilia and artifacts from the different moments in Royals history. So not really a traditional history museum, as it does not follow a linear pattern. The notable exhibit was the sculpture of #5, made of 3154 baseballs, representing the number of hits that George Brett had in his entire career. And he played his entire career with the Royals. There were also the 2 World Series trophies, for 1985 and 2015. And ending with the plaques of players and more in the Royals Hall of Fame.

    Overall, I enjoyed this museum, as I think baseball fans will enjoy it as well. But non-baseball fans may give this a skip, as I don't think it would appeal to them at all. I left the museum, and started to head towards my seat in the upper deck. Seeing some history on some of the columns in the concourse along the way. I got to the upper deck, and even got to talk to an usher, who understood my need to sit in the shade. Even if she preferred to sit in the sun.

    I got to my seat with time to spare. And looked around for a bit, until the game started. I did hope that the game would not end too late, as I hoped to catch the bus from the stadium. And early enough, so I don't get back too late. I would keep looking at the time, as the game progressed, as I did not want to spend money for a taxi either.

    The Kansas City Royals took on the Oakland Athletics, as the Royals were well out of playoff contention. But the A's still have playoff hopes. The game was back and forth between the teams, with the A's started with a 2-0 lead. But the Royals came back to tie it. The A's scored another 2 runs, but the Royals then scored 4 unanswered runs. The Royals beat the A's by score of 6-4.

    The game ended early enough for me to catch an earlier bus back. Even enough time for me to even go to the lower level for some photos. I went down there, but only managed one photo, as the stadium seemed to close down immediately. So I headed out of the stadium, and to the bus stop. I even got a ride on one of those carts, to the stop. Then waited for the next bus.

    When it came, it took me to another part of the city. Then transferred to another, and headed back to the hostel. So I was able to get back early enough. I washed up and to sleep.

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